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 Arctic Fox Furnaces are an all-in-one outdoor wood burning that meets your heating needs. The Arctic Fox forced air heating system furnace lets you control the desired temperature inside your home at a touch of a button. They are clean, safe, efficient, reliable, and most importantly warm.

The Firebox is made from ¼ inch or 3/8 inch (whatever you prefer) steel and therefore it is not necessary to use firebricks which slow down transfer of heat to the heat chamber from the firebox. The firebox which is 24 inches wide, 36 inches high, and 46 inches long to fit easily. This reduces chainsaw time by as much as 50% over other brands. We also offer a large door that measure 22 inches wide by 26 inches high. This door allows larger sized pieces so less time splitting and also a purpose to use small square bales.



Below is a picture of the inside of a 3/8 firebox. Everything is double welded, meaning welded on the outside and also on the inside to prevent cracking. If you also notice the shape of the firebox, it maximizes the airflow around the box, therefore, utilizing all the heat that is given off.

The 1hp fan,  easily heats your home whether your home is large or small. Because of the high volume fan, you can heat your home along with another structure (garage) with the installation of some duct work if desired. 

 The fuel saving devices included on the Arctic Fox Furnace results in a longer burn time, by as much as 50%, over other brands.

 A couple of the fuel savings devices found on Arctic Fox Furnaces are:

  • The variable firebox air delivery blower lets you control burn time.
  • A programmable indoor thermostat which allows the temperature to be reduced when desired.


   Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about our woodstoves.

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